Why Have German Shepherds Been In Demand?

Why Have German Shepherds Been In Demand

Why Have German Shepherds Been In Demand?


If you are a dog lover, you have definitely heard of the German Shepherd. This is not a new dog breed but still has been around for a long time now. The German shepherd origin has been witnessed from 1899. Even when it has not been much time that they have been around, their demand has made them gain worldwide popularity. In the US, German Shepherds are a breed that has been ranked as the 2nd most renowned and adapted breed.

Since a German shepherd’s price is relatively affordable compared to others with similar demands, they are likely to have more people looking for this breed. However, if you are willing to get this at your home but want to know about the traits that they behold, then you have landed on the right platform. So here we will find out the most common reasons why German Shepherds are able to reach so many hearts.

  • They are extremely intelligent: One of the most common things about German shepherds is that they are known for being highly intelligent. They have the ability to learn fast and do everything that you ask them. If you train them properly, you can stay assured that German Shepherds are the best to perform the given task in the most fruitful manner.

Since they are versatile and have high intelligence, they can be mostly seen as service dogs. You will mostly find a policeman taking a German Shepherd in the area of the suspect. They are trained, and they can work for their owners in the most effective way.

  • They are Healthy: They are known for being one of the healthiest dog breeds that have worldwide popularity. This is a dog breed that can be your companion for the coming 13 years only when you can take proper care of them. Being a very active breed, you must know that they love exercising. Hence, you can stay assured that they will not suffer from weight issues.

This does not necessarily mean that they would not have any health risks. They definitely are prone to some of the most common health issues that can be witnessed in them including elbow and hip dysplasia. This will lead to arthritis in the future and other diseases like degenerative myelopathy. Making sure of their veterinary care and offering them proper nutrition is the only way to ensure the best health.

  • They can easily adapt: The reason being German Shepherd are mostly chosen is their ability to adapt. German shepherds price is hence mostly on the higher side as they are mostly chosen for the servicemen. If you have a home consisting of a yard, it can be valuable for you. However, they can also adapt to apartments very easily.

If you are thinking of bringing a German shepherd to your home, you can stay assured that they will start adapting to your home ambience. You don’t have to make a lot of preparations for them. All you need is to exercise them properly and offer proper nutrition.

German Shepherd Price:

If you are thinking about the German shepherd price in your area, then you can get in touch with a breeder. However, you need to make sure about the breeder as well before you choose them. So make sure that you are doing in-depth research work about the breeder to find out if they can offer the best quality of German Shepherd.

Coming to the German shepherd price, you can expect it to be somewhere around 15 to 20K and even more, depending on your location. They are more on the affordable side, and thus, anyone who is willing to bring a guard can choose a german shepherd for their homes.

Bottom Line

Being one of the most loyal and great dog breeds, you are most likely to choose a German shepherd. They are undoubtedly great family dogs who can make sure of protecting you. However, if you wish to keep a rottweiler as well as a German Shepherd, you can check for the rottweiler price in India. They can also be a good choice for your home.

So now that you have gained some knowledge of German Shepherd, it is your time to choose one and bring one at home.