Things You Need To Know About A Toyota Land Cruiser Snorkel

Things You Need To Know About A Toyota Land Cruiser Snorkel

If you love going for off-road trips and taking your 4WD to places never explored before, you need to ensure that your 4WD is well equipped to handle the rough terrain and sandy dunes ahead, including large bodies of water that you may need to take your vehicle through.

While the Toyota Land Cruiser is designed and built to handle rough terrains and off-road adventures easily, fitting a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel, will help you cross water bodies easily without worrying about water entering your engine and causing it any damage. It also provides a more pure and cooler air supply to your engine, which helps keep it running smooth for long distances in warm climates.

In this blog, we share a few details on snorkels and the key reasons to install a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel on your 4WD.

What Is A Snorkel Exactly?

According to some car experts, snorkels are a must have device for vehicle owners who love taking their 4WD for off road trips. They are designed as air intake devices that help your car breathe air from a height that is above the existing engine air intakes. They are usually on level with a car’s roof and can help your car take in clean air from above which contains less dust and pollution.

The Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel is designed to work even when the car is drive through water that is up to the bumper or headlights level. It prevents the water from entering the engine and stalling it just when you are in the middle of a crossing.

Benefits of a Toyota Land Cruiser Snorkel

A snorkel is a very important accessory that helps your car engine get cleaner air even in deep water or dusty environment. This ensures your engine’s optimum performance even on rough and dusty terrains. Some of the other benefits of a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel are.

  • Prevents Engine Clogging

Since the air intake pipes are usually closer to the ground, they are prone to intake a lot of dust and contaminants along with the air. In case of deep-water areas, water may also enter the engine through the air intake pipes. Both water and dust entering the engine can leave it clogged, which may lead to frequent servicing or even repairs.

Being placed on a higher level, the Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel does not allow dust and water to enter the engine easily. Thus, this feature prevents it from seizing and going for frequent servicing.

  • Better And More Efficient Fuel Utility

The Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel is placed high above the ground, leading to a cleaner and pure air intake. This helps keep the air filters clean and a better supply of air to the engine, resulting in more and better fuel efficiency for your 4WD.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

The better the quality of air your engine receives, the better is the utilisation of fuel and engine oils etc. The Toyota Land Cruiser snorkels also help clean the air filters and air intakes pipes, which reduces your overall maintenance costs over a period.

The cleaner air intake also reduces the amount of dust entering the engine, improving its efficiency, while also keeping it cooler making it less prone to engine heating related problems, that may require frequent maintenance and repairs.

Toyota Land Cruiser Snorkels Are Designed to Enhance Your Off-Road Experience.

Using a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel that has been installed by a professional and well qualified mechanic will ensure better engine life and efficiency. This will definitely give you a better off road experience and also help you cross small water bodies easily, without worrying about any engine related problems.