Christmas Tree Decorations: 5 Secrets to Decorate Like a Pro

Christmas Tree Decorations: 5 Secrets to Decorate Like a Pro

Switch up from the old fashioned way to new, unique Christmas tree decorations to dance merrily this festive season. Although red and green ornaments are timeless, your tree may have some swaggy ornaments in gold and platinum for a luxurious, refreshed look. Find and get elegant decorations to make your Christmas tree a centerpiece of your home that uplifts the holiday spirit.

Christmas is approaching (add Hurrah! here). Decorating a tree is one of the most exciting parts of the festive season. A beautifully decorated tree sets the right tone for holiday festivities. Rather than hanging the same ornaments that you’ve been using for the last few years, get a little creative this year. Invest in some uniquely-designed accessories that may make your tree stand apart and impress your guests.

If you are decorating your tree on your own and want it to reflect your creativity, step outside the traditional red-and-green zone and add some extravagant Christmas decorations ornaments capable of leaving a long-lasting impression. How to do it? What should you purchase? We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you deck your tree with gorgeous, outside the box choices shortlisted by top interior designers and tastemakers.

●     Gold and Platinum

Ask professionals about the secret of uniquely-decorated Christmas trees, and you come to know that these tastemakers have ditched  red-and-green hues a long time ago. They have replaced the traditional accessories with luxurious gold and platinum shines. According to experts, a combination of gold, silver, and platinum offers luxury, simplicity, and charming appearance to a tree. When these ornaments, they provide a striking appearance to the tree.

When looking for unique, attractive platinum and gold Christmas tree ornaments, consider options like:

  • Gold or white platinum icicle
  • Orbis Globe made of gold or platinum
  • Crystals and gold chain
  • Gold menorah
  • Pyramid magnus

Apart from that, invest in gold and platinum ornaments like magnificus, maximus, and others. While buying these accessories, ensure that they are made of quality materials and feature unusual modern designs. These must be made especially for Christmas trees. Hanging something very large or small may ruin the appearance of a tree, even when these are expensive ornaments.

●    Less is More

For years, people thought a Christmas tree is apt to set the tone for holiday festivities only when plethoras of red and green decorations are hung to it. Although this trick worked in the past, 21-century tastemakers believe embracing ‘less is more’ works the best to have an artistic Christmas tree.

If you have a small place, get a fluffy green and wrap it in a beautiful tree skirt. After that, use a few luxury Christmas ornaments in gold or platinum. These can be classic balls or globes made of a luxury metal.

●     Red and Gold

Eliminating the traditional ‘red and green hues’ doesn’t mean you should get rid of these Christmas colors completely. Rather than getting numbers of cheap accessories, invest in luxury red and gold Christmas tree decorations. For example, there is a red bow luxe with gold and white studs that can be paired with a bow luxe in other colors.

Get luxury decorations in gold, platinum, red, white, and black colors to make them sparkling accessories for a Christmas tree. Their combination will offer a striking and attractive appeal to your Christmas tree.

●     Right Tree Topper

No matter how many expensive, colorful ornaments you’ve put on different branches of your Christmas tree, it is incomplete without a tree topper. On the other hand, a beautiful tree topper completes a tree and gives it a designer look. Although a star-shaped piece has been the best tree topper for years, you can get a piece that suits the theme of your tree decoration process.

There is a wide range of luxurious tree toppers, including ones made of gold and platinum.

●     Balance the Décor

Decorating a tree like professionals doesn’t mean adding plenty of things to it. Many things, even when they are expensive, cover all the portions of the tree and give it an overburdened appearance. While choosing Christmas tree decorations, ensure you invest in luxury accessories made by expert designers.

Arrange embellishments and decorative accessories from the top of the Christmas tree and then move towards the bottom. This way, you can ensure that all parts of the tree are covered well. Complete the decoration process with a tree skirt, which offers the finishing touch to the tree.

In the End 

Whatever Christmas tree theme you choose, make sure you try something outside the box this year. Instead of getting tons of cheap accessories, buy only a few luxury Christmas tree decorations and give your tree an attractive, unique appearance. Remember, a beautiful tree holds power to bring your family closer this festive season. Merry Christmas!