Can Vitamin And Supplements Help You to Lose Weight?

Can Vitamin And Supplements Help You to Lose Weight?

Can you lose weight after taking vitamins and supplements? Not losing weight is not that easy otherwise, everyone would just sit and watch Netflix and keep losing weight. However, losing weight is not that difficult, and vitamins and supplements are reliable support to help you in the process. 

Now, we come across millions of YouTube videos and blogs hovering over the internet around losing weight, so we all know what the expected measures for slimming down are. Generally, the list includes: going to the gym every day, working out with motivation, and maintaining a good diet. Now, vitamins and supplements are of great help for you in this path as there are the essentials to bridge the gap for a  well-balanced diet. 

There are specific supplements that can aid you in good health and slimming. Nutritionists and professional dietitians that you can miss out on many important nutrients, and some of these vitamins can help you fulfill that gap when you are maintaining a low-carb diet. It is customary to consult a doctor before adding any vitamin or nutrient to your diet. Continue reading to know how these vitamins can help you lose weight. 

Vitamins and their Roles in Losing Weight

Vitamin B12

This vitamin helps in the consumption of smoldering heat fat. People intake vitamin B12 in the form of tablets or any other infusion; however, there is no strict scientific evidence to support that this vitamin helps in losing weight.

This vitamin helps our body to maintain a good nervous system and influences our ability to deliver DNA. ODS or the office of dietary supplement trusted source recommends that an ideal food process containing vitamin B12 in your diet can help you acquire the daily amount. 

Hence you can eat whole-grain cereal breakfast, an egg recipe for dinner, or a Salmon salad sandwich for lunch. Vitamin B12 can also be found in meat, seafood, and liver. If you have undergone any surgery recently or drink a lot of alcohol or don’t eat many vegetables, or have a pale complexion, taking extra vitamin B12 can help your health. 

Vitamin D 

Calcium is very important to keep your bones strong and healthy, but on the other hand, vitamin D is the component that helps to observe calcium in your body. Experts debate that vitamin D can help you get in better shape; however, according to a recent report found in the American journal of clinical nutrition, post-menopausal ladies who were overweight took vitamin D supplements and lost more than the ladies who didn’t take them.

However, more research is still needed to confirm these findings and determine what vitamin D means for people who are overweight. You can find vitamin D in many food components, including greasy fish such as mackerel and herring. Besides that, vitamin D is in the sunlight, so when your body is exposed to the sunrise, it can generate vitamin D.

Try to exercise in the fresh air and somewhere where you can get plenty of light. Remember, keeping your skin exposed to sunlight for a long time can give you skin burns and risks skin cancer. People who live in the colder climate usually lack this vitamin and can buy it from any vitamin supplement Store. 


Will calcium supplements help you to get in better shape? According to a few defenders, the majority of evidence points towards the negative, but calcium promotes fat breakdown in your cells. At the same time, others believe that calcium helps you to store the fat from your food.

However, the researchers in ODST, one of the most trusted sources of preliminary studies, have never found any link between weight loss and calcium consumption. Is necessary for your neutron, muscles, bones, and veins. Eating food rich in calcium, dark meats, low-fat dairy products, greens, and tofu can help you achieve the ODST trusted source recommended daily goal. These food items are low in fat but full of nutrients, making them an excellent addition to your weight loss diet. You can easily buy calcium supplements from the vitamin Store online. 

Whey Protein 

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements that is used in the fitness industry. There is much evidence that whey protein can help you lose weight. Basically, whey protein suppresses your appetite; it is low in calories which helps you build muscles. Thus, helps you in losing weight and maintaining overall good health. 

Mainly,  bodybuilders incorporate whey protein in their regime, as a part of their muscle-building program. Others use this as it can healthily help their weight loss goals. However, you should always consult a doctor before taking any type of supplementation. Also, remember that exercises are needed along with the supplements to meet your smart weight loss goals. 

Green Tea

Green tea holds lesser caffeine than your regular coffee; however, the content is quite low to have a hard effect of any form. Caffeine is a strong stimulant that can boost the fat-burning process and boost the overall performance of your exercise, as proved by many studies. Besides that, green tea also has antioxidant properties, and therefore, studies have shown that drinking this tea increases the number of antioxidants in your bloodstream. Apart from that, it is high in ECCG, which is a substance that helps to boost metabolism. Hence, green tea can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and giving you more energy.

Stay Smart with your Supplements!

Most people prefer fat burners over vitamins and supplements, as the commercial shows magical weight loss results of fat burners. However, it is impossible to lose weight without a proper diet, correct exercise, and an overall healthy routine. 


When you are trying to achieve a fitness goal, most people follow a low-carb diet, and this kind of diet fails to include all kinds of proteins and nutrients. Hence using vitamins and supplements while you are in a weight loss program can help you lose weight more rapidly by maintaining good health. 

However, if you are worried about getting your vitamins and supplements, relax! You can locate your vitamins easily in vitamin stores like Healthy Planet Canada, and maintain good immunity and health in the long run.