Bibs an Important Accessory for the Baby

Bibs an Important Accessory for the Baby

Bibs they are one of the essential items which you need for a baby and I being a mom can bet on it. During breastfeeding or feeding, the baby spit-up and makes a mess. This mess is tuff to remove, and no one likes all those stains on the dress.

So, a bib makes our work easier as it saves us from managing those unavoidable messes. A baby Bandana bibs are one of those bibs which are mostly used by the parents to make the feeding simpler.

However, the first thing which comes to our mind before buying for Bibs is the type of fabric it is made up off. The top layer of the bib should be soft and absorbent to soak all the dribble and drools, and the backing fabric of the bib should be functional enough for all the drooling to be absorbed and not spoil the clothes of our munchkins. Few of the popular fabrics used for making bibs are:

✔  Cotton

Cotton bibs are one of the most used bibs in the market. The cotton is easy to sew and comes in many designs which makes it more accessible. It’s budget-friendly and super comfortable too.

✔  Jersey

This fabric is a little more expensive and bulky than cotton making it more absorbent. They are knit fabrics which are easy to wash and look stylish.

✔    Flannel

It’s commonly known as brushed cotton and is just like cotton but pleasant and fluffier to touch. The bandana bibs or the bibs made of these bibs are also catching the attention of the parents.

✔    Bamboo

This fabric can be used both for the top and lower layer. It’s a soft and perfect fabric for bibs with high absorbing power.

Type of Bibs

Now let’s know about all the varieties of bibs available for your babies which are not only comfortable but trendy too.

✔  Feeding bibs

Feeding a baby is a tough and messy task which requires some protection which can be achieved through placing feeding bibs around your baby’s neck.

Few feeding bibs have a pocket attached to it so that any food which falls from babies’ mouth falls in the pocket avoiding all the mess.

✔  Bandana Bibs

These are the trendiest and stylish of all the bibs available and also my favorite. They are perfectly pleated, which captures the drool and stops it from seeping to babies’ clothes and skin.

They are generally made-up of jersey cotton with microfleece backing. Many bandana bibs are attached with teether which can be switched out for almost any teether with a handle. It can be washed in the machine. The bandana bibs are very soft, durable, also reversible and give a stylish look of a scarf carved with beautiful designs.

✔  Drool Bibs

These are smaller sized bibs which are useful for newborns, it is also good for teething kids, and its pocketed design makes it possible to catch spit-ups. Moreover, you can put these bibs on babies for all-day-long without making them uncomfortable.

What to Look for For While Buying Bibs?

While buying bandana bibs or any other bibs for your kid, you must keep in mind three important things:

✔  Comfort

The bib should be comfortable to use and should be made of soft material. Even make sure that the bib is not very tight and is not rubbing against the skin of the baby.

✔  Easy to Clean

The bandana bibs bought by you should be easy to clean and wash. Since these bibs are made for catching everything that is thrown by the baby, so they get dirty easily. That is why they should be clean every day, which is why choose the washable bib.

All these bibs are very comfortable for babies as they are made up of manageable, soft fabrics. However, before buying if it has a perfect fit and stitch and gets wrapped around your baby’s neck correctly.