Work with an ayurvedic hair color in the comfort of your home

Work with an ayurvedic hair color in the comfort of your home

Colouring the hair has undergone a sea change within just the span of the last decade. Since environment and ecology have become the buzz word fashionistas all over the world have sat up to the sombre yet safe possibilities of ayurvedic hair colors—strongly indicating that chemical based hair colours are gloriously on their way out, while the chemical-free ones are fast coming in. But isn’t the word ‘ayurveda’ a bit esoteric? Since not many salons in the world prefer to work with the naturally organic hair colours. So, here’s putting forth a few arguments that will motivate you to create your own ayurvedic hair colours sitting right at home.

An ayurvedic hair color would essentially be a chemical-free hair colour, this much is clearly understood. Ayurvedic hair colours or hair dyes are basically powdered forms of plant leaves. The pastes of these powders, when applied over the hair, leave them evenly coloured, smooth, soft and healthy. So, how to make an ayurvedic hair color out of natural henna? Well, the answer is simple. “Ayurveda” simply means long life. So, anything herbal or that is directly obtained from the planet and used without making any chemical or physical alterations to it, would be ayurvedic. Just mixing Amla, Henna, Shikhakai, Tea, Coffee, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, etc., to your organic henna could enhance its life enhancing capabilities and turn such hair colour into an ayurvedic one.

Ayurvedic hair color when examined on parameters like colour uniformity, odour, texture and overall hair and scalp health, has proved to be much more beneficial than its chemical counterparts. Modern science has also thrown up certain add-ons that, when applied in combination with the natural colours, enhances their effectiveness in colour impartation and style. Basically, permanent hair straightening cost in hyderabad Organically natural hair colour has, thus, proved to be an overall superior product in terms of hair colouring and strengthening. The herbal extracts present in them are packed with phytoconstituents which are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants and hold colouring properties.

It is no longer a debate that a chemical-free hair color packaged and distributed by a reputed brand acts as a hair growth accelerator, conditioner and nourisher. The primary colouring bases of these ayurvedic hair colors originating from the Indian subcontinent are henna, indigo, chamomile and manjistha powders. While the healing or treatment bases often are senna, amla, brahmi, fenugreek, sunflower, honey, aqua and more. Together they condition and moisturize the hair and scalp, act on dandruff, dry and frizzy hair and reduce the greys. Shikhakai works as a powerful antioxidant. Tea and coffee are ancillary herbs which, when used in combination with other herbs, aids in leaving a perfect colour, while strengthening the hair leaving it softer and shinier.

It has also been found that the organically natural hair colours can be stored for longer periods of time in their powdered forms. At low or room temperatures virtually no change in their properties like colour, odour, pH level and texture were noticed. However, care must be taken to not allow humidity catch the powder.

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A brand that excellently balances the hair colouring prowess of botanical colouring herbs while offering pure organic, triple-sifted, microfine powders for a superfine hair colouring experience is Indus Valley. Giving it a try could, hence, be worth much more than your pennies spent on the product. Still thinking?