Unique places to visit in Bogota?

Unique places to visit in Bogota?

The city Bogota is the high-altitude capital city of Colombia and is nestled more than 2,500 meters above sea level. As a result, this city is far larger and beautiful than other metropolitan cities.

Full of fascinating sights, the historic neighbourhood of La Candelaria, panoramic views of the Cerro de Monserrate, this city owns numerous top tourist attractions that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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Here we begin our tour:

Museo Santa Clara

Santa Clara is one of the oldest churches built over 50 years in the 17th century in Colombia. The Church has the most extravagant decorations inside, and its interior is filled with ornate features such as a ceiling painted in a gold floral motif. You will be amazed to know that this Church has nearly 150 sculptures and paintings of saints on the building’s walls. Now owned by the Colombian government, this Church has been transformed into a museum. Visit this Museo Santa Clara, which is a must-see landmark in the city.

Parque 93

Parque 93, also known as Parque de la 93, is a famous hotspot for dining and nightlife in Bogota, located in Northern Bogota near the district of Chapinero. This place is must visit place during the daytime to sightsee, take a stroll or enjoy the sunshine at the park itself along with soft, tranquil music. This famous place also exhibits art festivals within the park; rotating public art installations are abundant.

Iglesia de San Francisco

The oldest surviving Church in the city is the most important religious landmark in Bogota, built between 1557 and 1621. This Iglesia de San Francisco has located just steps from the famed Museum of Gold. You will find artworks from artist Elaborate Christian artwork decorating the walls that form a religious art gallery. Iglesia de San Francisco is a famous and interesting place to explore and make sure to spend some time appreciating the surprising altarpiece from the 17th century, which is cover with gold and decorated with beautiful detail.

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JardinBotanico de Bogota

The Botanical Gardens of Bogota is the largest garden in all of Colombia that was founded in 1955. this offers an excellent opportunity to explore the plenty of plants and flowers found naturally throughout the country. The garden are also known as the JardínBotánico José CelestinoMutis. Have pleasure while walking through rose gardens and medicinal gardens, housing more than 5,000 orchids in one place. This large building contains five rooms representing a unique climate zone in each room in the country. Stroll around each and see the plants and peaceful atmosphere in each of these Colombian climate zones.

Plaza de Bolivar

The Plaza de Bolivar is the energetic key square in the heart of Bogota that includes neoclassical palaces, government buildings and the largest Church in all of Colombia in the nearby areas. The Plaza got its new name after the military leader Simón Bolívar in the 19th century. Earlier it was known as Plaza Mayor. The Plaza de Bolivar is the most frequently visited centre of the city, and it has witnessed some huge development in these years. So, make sure you take a tour to this beautiful place and spend your time at this place.

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Bogota Ciclovia

The city of Bogota allows a pedestrian-friendly pathway for the locals and this lively place offers the best place for cycling, jogging or roller skating and exploring the city in a whole new way. This region of the city provides the largest network of bicycle routes in all of Latin America, where every Sunday, people come here for cycling. Visit this happening place between seven in the morning and two in the afternoon each Sunday; many roads are closed to cars.

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