Superfoods to Keep Your Metabolism Healthy and Strong in 2021

Superfoods to Keep Your Metabolism Healthy and Strong in 2021

Living a healthy life has been more of a need than a lifestyle lately. The pandemic (if not) year has taught us enough about the importance of the keto diet and food supplements that could enhance the metabolic function of the body. Have you ever thought about why metabolism is so important or how it affects our body?  

Well, metabolism is the function that our body performs to turn food into energy. The BMR or basal metabolic rate helps the body to maintain simple actions like blood circulation, repair cell, hormone balance, respiration, etc. Faster metabolism could result in a fitter, healthier, and more energetic body. On the other hand, a slow metabolic rate can lead your body to have severe health effects like high cholesterol, high blood sugar level, fatigue, obesity, etc.  

Keeping a check on your metabolism is one of the health secrets of natural, longer life. Considering the active lifestyle led by a majority of us, most of us hardly have time for regular workouts or maintain a strict dietary regime. Therefore, here is a list of 7 Superfoods to boost metabolic rate without major changes to your diet.

7 Superfoods to Boost your Metabolism in 2021 

  • Ginger

Ginger has thermogenic properties that help to raise the temperature of the body while enhancing blood circulation. When the temperature of the body increases, it influences the BMR by accelerating metabolism in the body. 

You can include Ginger in your diet via ginger tea, ginger syrup on toast or pancake, ginger jam on biscuits, or you can add fresh ginger to your smoothie, cereal, or fruit bowl.

  • Apple

Just as the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples have several nutritional benefits, and one of them is that it is rich in fiber. The soluble fibers in apples help accelerate the metabolic rate of the body. This fruit also influences weight loss as it is low in calorie count, and the fiber in apples makes them very filling.

You can include this rich fiber supplement in your daily diet by putting them in a salad, in your morning cereal bowl, juice, or simply munch on its juicy deliciousness as a snack. 

  • Lemon

Just like apples, lemons also provide multiple nutrition that can benefit the body. Lemon helps to cleanse the digestive system and detoxify the liver. The detoxification, in turn, aids in boosting the BMR. Lemons are a must if you’re on a keto diet. 

You can have lemon as juice or on salads or other dishes. Having lemon juice mixed with warm water on an empty stomach every morning can also help weight loss.

  • Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds

Including seeds in your diet is an essential aspect of any planned diet. It is the most sought-after keto supplement food, and some people even prefer seed bowls instead of cereal. Well, the hype is for a reason. Chia and flax seeds are rich in good unsaturated fat that induces metabolism. Both chia seeds and flax seeds are packed with good fibers and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

You can include them in your diet with seed bowls, put them in smoothies, or soak them in your drinking water. Some people are unable to digest seeds; well, they can opt for Omega-3 keto supplements that can find at any supplement store.

The Keto diet has become very popular in recent times, and people have seen excellent results after following a ketogenic diet. Therefore, the demand for keto pills has increased over the years. Having a proper balance of superfoods, diet and pills can help you see the results over time. 

  • Yogurt and Other Dairy Products

Full-fat yogurt could be a great metabolism booster. Contradictory to the myth that full-fat products are unhealthy, full-fat yogurt could help speed up metabolism. Yogurts can also be a great addition to weight loss diet plans. Including other dairy products such as unsalted butter, skimmed milk, ghee(replacing oil) in your daily can be useful. 

Including yogurt, your daily meals can be treated to health as well as your soul. You can add yogurt in seed bowls, fruit bowls, salads, smoothies, or you can try some flavored yogurt cups that you can get from a supplement store online or from your local supermarket.

  • Green Tea

Green tea contains a good amount of antioxidants that highly favor acceleration of the body’s metabolic rate. Consuming green tea daily helps in the oxidation of fats with its thermogenic properties, it is also helpful in reducing weight. Adding Green tea on your diet also favors acceleration of the body’s metabolic rate, slowing it down and increasing the energy produced. 

  • Cayenne Pepper

This one is a treat for people who embrace a little hotness on their plate. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a well-known nutrient that actively accelerates the body’s metabolic rate. Putting Cayenne pepper into your daily diet could show an increase in energy. Capsaicin also helps to improve your appetite and reduce untimely cravings. The thermogenic properties of capsaicin help to break down fat cells and also reduce weight. 

But if you are not so leaned towards spicy foods, you can also find capsaicin supplements at and supplements stores online. You can add Cayenne pepper to almost any dish in any meal; you can also add it to your smoothies to spice it up. 


Coming up with an entirely new diet plan and sticking to it can be stressful and difficult. But making minor changes could be just as beneficial and fruitful. Apart from the food items mentioned above items, there are some items that you can include in your diet, like dark chocolate, grapefruit, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, beans, nuts, etc.

Apart from including the fiber supplement in your diet, you should also ensure that your daily meals contain a good balance of greens, proteins, fruits, and nuts to keep your metabolism boosted all time. 

Remember, fitness is a life choice. You have to be consistent and patient to witness results.