Signs You Need to Get Burst Pipe Repaired

Signs You Need to Get Burst Pipe Repaired

Freezing can sometimes lead to bursting in pipes. So you need to catch it on time; otherwise it can make the other pipes leak as well. Along with this, it may experience severe physical damage, rust, and other installation issues that can develop a hole in the pipeline. Remember, even a small dribble of water can also damage the drywall or either ruin the floor tiles. And this might cost you hundreds of dollars to get the burst pipe repaired. That is going to be a significant issue.



Often, pipes can begin to run just behind the drywall area, leaving shabby marks or dampness around the same. In a multi-storey property, pipes running towards upstairs, bathrooms, or laundry areas can bring down leakage to the ceiling. If you see any visible signs, then you can quickly locate the leaking spot. Indeed, it depends on the location, and there can be chances that you might need to remove a particular portion of the ceiling or drywall to repair the burst pipe.


Pressure changes

Any hole in the pipe indicates that water may come through the attached faucets. It sometimes causes a decrease in water pressure. It can be noticed while washing hands, taking a shower, or filling the sink. Whereas low water pressure can increase clogging in sinks and toilets. In case of a sudden drop, it means that leakage is happening.


Water odours

Discolourations in the water, when released through the faucets, is a clear clue that leakage is there. There can be brownish water that indicates the pipe has rust internally. On the other hand, odours can also be the reason behind the pipe leaks, and they can make the sewage hard to push out of the home. It can again pose a severe plumbing issue.


Standing water

When the leakage becomes severe or remains on for a more extended period, you may observe drips or gushing water coming out of the holes. Here, follow the source to know where the pipe is bursting. If ignored, then it can create uneven puddles near the leaking source. To get rid of sudden sinkholes or puddles, better call a professional right away to investigate and repair the burst pipe.


Strange sounds

Unusual sounds are also one of the reasons behind a leaking plumbing system. Bubbling or whistling sounds can be there when the air gets in the sewer line. Burst pipes that are dented may also produce whistling sounds when the water tries to enter through the contracted section.


Pipe problems

Generally, exposed pipes that pass through the base area of the sink can also exhibit signs that the tube has burst. Condensation or frost also indicates that water inside the pipe is frozen. Bulges in the hose often mean that water inside is expanding and frozen, and may also lead to a pipe burst.


Hefty water bills

Wondering why your water bills are high all of a sudden? The massive bill can also be a clue that the water pipe is leaking or burst. Even though you don’t consume water, when you find the water meter running rapidly, then treat it as an indicator that you need to repair the burst pipe.


Locating the leak

Sometimes, the burst water pipes are not easy to identify. You may only be able to trace when you source a leak or drip, or either stain on the drywall area. Rest of the holes or dribbles are hidden behind the walls and might not be that obvious.


If you trace a leak, the first thing you need to do is to figure out the water mains. Then switch off the appliances that utilise any faucets, toilets, or relevant sources. Now carefully examine the water meter, and after a period of half an hour check again if it moves back or not. If it does, then surely there is severe leakage. So once you notice the leak, look for any professional plumber nearby for burst pipe repair.