List of Best Tools for SEM

List of Best Tools for SEM

Also known as “paid search”, Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing. Mostly, SEM is a procedure to attain traffic for the website by buying ads on various search engines. This is done through various SEM tools.

People often confuse SEM with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Marketing is mainly the concept of increasing the search engine visibility of a website on different Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. The main objective of SEM is to create high website traffic by alerting and rewriting ads using high ranking keywords. .

Two of the most commonly and frequently terms associated with SEM are Cost per Click (CPC) and Pay Per Click (PPC). To perform paid ads, SEM tools come into the picture.  Here are some of the top Search Marketing Tools that you must use to attain high website traffic, based on the high-ranking keywords.

List of Best Tools for SEM

  • SEMRush- SEMRush helps you to conduct extensive keyword research, track keyword ranking, traffic analysis, site audits, and much more. SEMRush is a fantastic tool for finding opportunities to rank for long-tail keywords organically, but additionally, you can use the tool for different SEM efforts. For example, you can use SEMRush to find out where your competitors are using their marketing efforts, and evaluate their regional presence, to find out how much money you want to spend on certain keywords.

Also, SEMRush helps you to find your main paid search competitors, find out which keywords they are bidding on, and study the structure of their ads. This is important information when you are developing your own paid strategy and are not sure how to compete with other businesses on the SERPs.

  • Io- One of the best features of is its ability to tap into Bing, Google, Amazon, Bing, Twitter, the App Store, and YouTube, so that you can divide your keyword research through different channels and target your efforts in a much better manner. Also, the tool takes your base keyword and offers you variations of phrases and words, which helps you to cultivate a more extensive list of possible keywords that you might want to include in your paid ad.

Using Google Autocomplete to offer relevant keywords for you, the free version of allows you to generate nearly 750 long-tail keywords and keyword suggestions for each search term. Also, you can use the tool to check Google trends to make sure that your desired keywords are rising in popularity and will continue to serve you in the future too.

  • Supermetrics- This SEM tool makes the task of updating client-facing reports fast, so you can spend more time analyzing data, creating insights, and implementing the best-paid search strategy.

With Supermetrics, you can get a high-level pulse on a customer’s performance across different channels, like Facebook, Google, Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn. With just a click, you can check to spend, conversions, ROAS, and more across the different channels a customer is marketing on. This is a great time-saver tool as there is no need to download metrics from different channels. Instead, all the data gets collected in one single report.

  • Google Trends- Google Trends helps you to track the search volume for a specific keyword across a certain region, timeframe, or language- which can help you to distinguish which search terms are trending and which are the ones that are not. As you do not want to put your money on a keyword whose popularity is decreasing, this is a useful tool for all your SEM efforts.

Moreover, specifically, if you work for an eCommerce business, the ability to calculate interest in your products or services in a specific geographical area is certainly powerful for ensuring you customize your paid efforts to certain locations, saving you a huge amount of money in the future.

  • Optmyzr- Despite its lack of vowels, Optmyzr leaves no stone unturned. It is a great SEM optimization tool that helps you to grab less popular keywords within any AdWords account. This tool is all about saving time on tricky and challenging reports and allowing simple functionality to use that saved time to make optimization.

In the “Data Insights” section, instant visuals of performance segments can be made actionable rapidly. Also, the quality score tracker, an hour if week analysis, and geo heat-map are all significant reports for an account that can be made in a snap, saving the time of analysts.

There is also a part for optimizations that can be made with just one click, helping analysts to make keyword, and bid adjustments, budget changes, and A/B ad tests fast. This section is based on exceptionally helpful reports made for you in the interface.

Ultimately, Optmyzr also has different custom reporting choices and templates, as well as improved scripts that can be run using this tool.

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner- As Google is likely where you want your ads to show, it makes sense to consider using Google Ads Keyword Planner to research relevant keywords for your business, and maintain a track of how searches for specific keywords change with time. The Keyword Planner will help you to narrow down a list of possible keywords to make sure that you are choosing the most effective ones for your brand.

Also, the Keyword Planner will offer you suggested bid estimates for each keyword, so you can determine which keywords match with your advertising budget. Best of everything, once you have found your right keywords and are ready to launch your ad campaign, you can do all of these using one tool.

  • Moat- Do you want to know how your competitors’ display ads appear? Moat can help you out! This handy tool is a search engine for display ads. Just put the brand name, hit Enter, and use Moat’s library of ad creatives, both past, and current. Moat also offers the features and run dates for each ad displayed.

Outside of competitor research, this SEM tool is great for ad inspiration. Confused what messaging to use? Search for similar brands on this tool to come up with new ideas.

While browsing display ads is free, Moat also provides a paid subscription that comes with video ad insights, the share of voice trends, email alerts, and an ad mockup feature.

  • iSpionage- It is one of the latest entries in the field of the spy tool market. This SEM tool lays more focus on PPC when compared to organic SEO. iSpionage helps to offer a boost to your ROI by giving an insight into the keywords and the ad budget used by the competitors.

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