How Would You Prevent Your Drainage System From Getting Blocked?

How Would You Prevent Your Drainage System From Getting Blocked?


Imagine what it would be like to live in a house without proper plumbing and drainage system? It’s easy to take for granted since it’s an important component of our contemporary home lives. However, when anything goes wrong with your drains, it may be an issue that you can’t fix.

One of the most common household problems that frequently occur is the blocked drains. And it causes a lot of health problems if they are not dealt with. It is vital to keep your drainage system clean and free of any kind of blockage.

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There are many drainage cleaning services that can help you easily remove any blockage from your drainage.  This article will help you to understand how to keep your drains clean. And maintain the hygiene of your surroundings with some professional help.

Importance of Cleaning Your Drains:

Blocked drains cause several health problems and major inconveniences. For example, the smell from surroundings after a blocked drain can set you off; it can make you irritated and cause unnecessary stress. Therefore, you should always keep your drains clean and hygienic and get them cleaned by professionals to avoid any blockage. However, if you are experiencing a blocked drain, a professional can always help you with their services and help you get rid of blocked drains.

How a Professional Can Help You To Keep The Drainage System Clean:

A professional has tools and machines that they can use to remove a blockage from your drains. And also, advise you ways which can prevent drains from getting blocked in the first place. Therefore, let us see how a professional service provider can help you in cleaning your blocked drains.

  • Use a Heavy-Duty Motor To Flush Out The Blockage-

A professional service provider will have heavy-duty motors that he will use to flush out the blocked drainage. And this will help in removing things that are clogging the drains. These motors will push water from one side of the drain, where it is blocked, and due to heavy force, any clogging will open up.

  • Use Chemicals To Remove Oils And Greasy Stuff-

It is vital to clean your drainage system frequently. There are many drain cleaning acids that, when poured down the drains, perforates through and clears the drain of any blockage and debris. These chemicals are highly acidic and melt any plastic or grease that may be the cause of blocked drains. Therefore, when you hire a professional, he will know which acids to use and what quantity. And, will tell you to frequently pour a bottle into the drains so that they do not get clogged again.

  • Use a Plunger For Sinks-

When the sink drains the water, but very slowly, it means that some amount of debris is blocking its drains. Therefore, all the professionals use plungers to clean the sink drains and help clear the blocked drains. This plunger pushes any debris down the drain and into the sewer.

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How To Prevent Drains From Getting Blocked:

When you consult a professional service provider, they will tell you ways to prevent your drains from getting blocked in the first place. Here are some of the precautions that professionals suggest.

  • Fix Sink Strainer To Your Sinks-

You can fix a sink strainer to either end of your sink drain. A sink strainer is a colander that works as a filter and allows only liquid materials to flow through. It stops the flow of smaller things such as hair strands or cotton shavings from entering your drain

  • Refrain From Pouring Things That Are Oily And Greasy-

Many blocked drains occur due to the collection of grease and oil in the drainage system, as it mixes with other debris and creates blockages.

  • Do Not Flush Any Non-Degradable Things Down The Flush-

It is important to make sure that you do not flush any non-degradable things.


Drains that are clogged are no fun at all. They’re unpleasant, smell terrible, and, if left addressed, may lead to long-term issues with your home’s plumbing system.

Besides this, blocked drains can cause a lot of hygiene problems. Hence, it becomes vital to keep your drains clean. A professional drainage cleaner will help you to keep your drainage system clean. So that it does not cause any kind of inconvenience to you and your neighbours.