Hire iOS Developers and Grab Lucrative Market of High Spenders

Hire iOS Developers and Grab Lucrative Market of High Spenders

The Android Wave is sweeping the world and Android holds 87 percent market share whereas iOS has a mere 13 percent. However, iOS reigns supreme in Japan where it has over 60 percent share; in the US where it has about 58 percent share, and in the UK where it has about 50 percent market share.  It is a known fact that Apple system users are younger, trendier, and fall in the + $100000 income bracket. iPhone users are more likely to engage in mobile commerce and, with the watch combination, stay fit. They are also likely to stay loyal to iOS systems such as the Apple air through the continuity feature. What this means for business owners launching apps is that they have a better chance of getting more business and revenues if they have an app for the iOS platform. You could have apps tied to the watch, the phone, and also to the computer and other devices in a seamless fashion. It pays to hire iOS developers from IOS development services for tailor-made apps that will contribute to your revenue generation.

Why hire iOS developers?

Even though Swift is object-oriented and there are many tools like Xcode, Alcatraz, and others that make iOS development easy, you will want a developer with deeper insight and practiced expertise to come up with a fluently performing app. App development can be time-consuming and expensive. The simplest app takes 300 hours of development time whereas highly multi-faceted apps can take 900 hours. Compute the cost of labor and time and you will end up paying an exorbitant amount to developers who, even then, may not be able to come up with apps that fluently link WatchOS, iOS, and macOS or deliver features you need.

On the other hand, when you opt for the Hire iOS Developer model you are paying for acclaimed expertise and speed to market. IOS app development services with past experiences have plenty of reusable code blocks in their library and can mix and match with ease whereas for rookie developers it would be work from the ground up. Your benefit is reduced cost and better-performing apps.

Then there is the matter of bringing to life an idea or business app concept. This is where seasoned iOS development company stand out. Developers may even show you possibilities that never occurred to you and come up with apps that work as you envisioned them and, importantly, deliver a superb user experience.

WatchOS and iOS apps

The Apple watch has introduced a shift in the way business executives use mobile technology. The watch is usually associated with fitness apps and features. However, it can do more for you when you hire iOS developers to blend mobile phones and watch performance features.

Executives would normally reach for their phone to view data but with the watch, it is as simple as glancing down and tapping the screen to call up data from, say, the CRM and view data. Even better you could have something like Evernote on the watch and record voice notes or carry out voice searches with the phone or tablet in the background. Presentations are a way of business life. The watch redefines how you make a presentation: it can be used as a remote. It does not end there; you can have iOS developers come up with apps that enable you to make or receive payment or keep track of how much time you spend at one place, automatically beeping when it reaches the set duration.

Think of the possibilities. You can take it a step further by getting developers to incorporate IoT and AR into the watch-mobile app mix to enhance operations of the warehouse, production, and sales. All your executives improve efficiency and productivity with these superior business apps custom developed by the iOS development company through their hire iOS developer service. You develop an entire ecosystem for flawless and smoothly coordinated work. Another benefit: apps work on the phone/tablet and extend to the watch.

Roll out customer-facing iOS apps

The latest iteration of iOS incorporates better widgets, ARKit with depth information, machine learning, and a natural language framework that helps IOS development services offer truly valuable customer-facing apps for your business with seamless backend integration to keep your personnel happy. . iPhone users typically spend 75% of their time using apps which means your app, if it offers something functional and of value, is likely to be used all the time and earn you loyalty as well as sales.

Develop your ecosystem

It is a connected world in business. You will want seamless interaction between your suppliers, contractors, production personnel, back-office staff, and front-end salespeople. The normal way to go would be to build individual apps but then tying together all data would be a tough challenge. You could do one better and hire iOS developers to come up with solutions that keep channels separate for user groups and yet provide a fluid flow of data so that people work productively instead of wasting time on finding information or resources. The app can be a step towards paperless business provided it is done right. A side benefit is that all stakeholders are free to carry out operations regardless of time or location. You could even eliminate tedious and time-wasting meetings by using apps for internal collaboration. You could hire iOS developers to come up with smart training apps that deliver materials to their phones and help them to learn when they are free and thus improve capabilities. Your people work smarter and you gain.

You do need extremely competent IOS development services since the Apple app store will reject apps that do not meet its standards. The time is past for simple apps. This is the age of multi-faceted apps that will have a variety of functions all seamlessly integrated.  You pay less, you get more and you manage apps better this way. Of course, complexity does require expertise which is what you get when you hire an iOS developer with proven capability.