Express Your Charm Confidently With Trending Pleated Skirts

Express Your Charm Confidently With Trending Pleated Skirts

For the 90s kids, a pleated skirt would remind them of their school uniform. But since then, a pleated skirt has been dominating every sphere of fashion. It is a style statement which not a lot of people would experiment with but should be done more. If you’re unsure of how to wear your pleated skirt, let us help you out.

Types Of Pleated Skirt

According to the placement and the number of pleats, these skirts are differentiated. Trending pleated skirts range from standard to box pleats. 

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  • Normal Pleated Skirt

It is the most common type of pleated skirt. The pleats start from the waist till the hem, and it has a lot of carefully placed, narrow pleats. It can be worn as party wear or casual wear according to the colour and material. Pair a shiny gossamer skirt with a metallic hue with a tight top or camisole set with beads, rhinestones and pearls for a party look. Add pumps to match your top and further accessorise with jewellery to match the beads.

For casual wear, go for a skirt with a toned-down hue. Pair with a top with a neutral colour, preferably a shade lighter than the skirt, and slip into either heels or sneakers.

  • Medium Kick Pleated Skirt

It is a straight, pencil skirt with pleats at the very end. The function of the pleats here is to aid leg movement. It is mostly formal wear, but like with everything else it can be worn casually depending on the colour of the skirt. Pair a black, white, blue, grey or green skirt in formal hues with a white skirt or opt for striped or checkered ones.

For a casual look go for a bolder hue and pair with a casual tee or camisole and sneakers. Finish with pretty shades and loosely worn hair for a complete look.

  • Inverted Pleats Skirt

This type of skirt has an inverted box pleat starting for the waist till the hem. Such skirts are available in printed designs in a variety of colours at Sabhyata Clothing. It can be paired with almost anything since the design is neither too tight nor too loose. This type of skirt looks best on pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped bodies, as they cinch in the waist and the design accentuates the bodyline. Can be accessorised with sneakers for a casual look. This skirt is often considered the go-to look for formal events and as such is the design for uniforms in many schools.

  • Box Pleated Maxi Skirt

These pleats face away from each other. It is a very vogue skirt design with a flared base. Although an effortless design, it looks uber fashionable and chic. Very minimalistic design, and can be paired with a simple camisole and covered shoes. 

  • Mini Pleated Skirt

A mini skirt with school-like pleats, this skirt makes for a very casual & fashionable style statement. Pair it with whatever is in your wardrobe, and sneakers. Complete the look with two French braids and a cap & accessorise it with hoop earrings.