Do’s and Don’t of SMO in Digital Marketing For 2020

Do’s and Don’t of SMO in Digital Marketing For 2020

In 2020, the number of internet users crossed the milestone of 4.5 billion. Among them, 3.5 billion use social media worldwide with a daily average of 3 hours. That’s almost half of the world’s population, right!

With such numbers and a wide range of consumer base, social platforms hold lucrative opportunity for businesses to attract target consumers, increase brand awareness, and build adhered relationship with followers.

However, whether it’s search engines or social platforms, you need to follow specific guidelines to get the best out of your efforts and professional touch from Digital marketing agency in Bangalore is never a choice of regret.

Here’s a comprehensive list of things that you need to follow and avoid in SMO (Social Media Optimization).

What You Should Do?

1.        Make a Complete Social Profile

While making an online presence always try to provide accurate and complete information regarding your industry, what you offer, achievements, and contact information.

2.        Stay Active

After making an inclusive online presence, never forget to stay active regularly. Consistency is key to a successful marketing strategy.

3.        Publish Visually Appealing Contents

Posing engaging visuals increases user engagement. Images and videos are the best visually appealing contents.

4.        Entertain And Inform Your Audience At The Same Time

Focus on educating your audiences through entertaining them, it’s the most effective way to attract potential buyers.

5.        First Be Informative, Then Sell

Follow the 80/20 rule of marketing where 80% of the content should be informative and 20% being a sale.

6.        Maintain Problem Solving Approach

Competition made it tough, but building authority is never impossible. Solve the audience’s problems will give you followers and their appreciation in the long term.

7.        Focus On Developing Relationships

Developing relations with the audience is the best strategy to have a loyal consumer base. The more address consumer concerns, the less likely they seek alternatives to you. Plus, a happy and loyal customer is more likely to promote your business in front of others.

8.        Interact With Your Followers

Regular interaction with audiences is always fruitful. Whenever you see new queries and comments never always give a friendly and appreciated response.

9.        Consistency Is Key For Your Business Profiles

You make social profiles to make conversions where consistency is key. Always share content relevant to your business.

10.    Use Your Networks On Priority Basis

Instead of trying every available social platform focus on networks that fit best for your business and target audience. For B2B business LinkedIn is ideal, where Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are best for B2C business.

11.    Never Fear Trying New Ideas

Remain innovative and implement new ideas. If you succeed you get more attractions, where failing will give you knowledge.

Social Media Optimization is an innovative field and an SEO Company in Bangalore helps you to stay ahead of competitors.

What You Need To Avoid

1. Over-Sharing Your Contents

Maintain the frequency while sharing content on social platforms. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram an average of 3 posts works best.

2. Overusing Hashtags

Hashtags are a boost for organic reach, but overusing hashtags may get yourself blocked. On Facebook and Instagram, you can use a maximum of 15 hashtags.

3. Self-Promoting All The Time

Represent yourself as an expert. Instead of promoting all the time, share information.

4. Overlooking Questions And Comments

Audience comments are questions that help you to understand user intent more, never ignore them.

5. Being Inactive

Availability reflects reliability. An active profile gets the benefit of increased visibility.

There are no predetermined criteria to become a word of mouth in social platforms and seasoned experts like Digital marketing agency in Bangalore will help you to generate leads.