8 Reasons Why Social Media Presence Is Important For a Business

8 Reasons Why Social Media Presence Is Important For a Business

Social media has quickly become an integral aspect of digital marketing. It offers incredible benefits to reach out to millions of customers, that too worldwide regardless of the type of business. How many times have you found out about a new venture or a product on social media? Probably many! The power of social media is truly incredible.

You are missing a huge marketing opportunity if you are not present on social media. Let this blog serve as a reminder about the profound benefits of social media for business.

1: Brand Awareness

If you have got a small marketing budget but you would like to increase your business’s visibility, tap into the power of social media. Many marketers have successfully built and increased their brand visibility through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media networks. With social media brand pages, a business can build an audience in no time.

2: Engage with Your Customers

Social media is an effective tool to engage and interact with customers. Conversions don’t happen just like that. You have to communicate with your audience.

One of the best ways of engaging with customers is to win their attention. Do convey them your brand message while you are on it. When they leave a comment on your posts, spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and type in the replies. Use it as an opportunity to get established without much hassle.

3: Boost Brand Loyalty

It is the goal of almost all businesses to develop a loyal customer base. Social media networks allow you to engage with your customers and develop a bond with them. Don’t just think that you are introducing your product to the audience through social media. Use it as a platform to directly communicate with them.

4: Humanize Your Brand

Not only do you get to create brand awareness but humanize your brand with social media. Adults never trust a brand until they see proof that the brand is living up to its promises.

In order to connect with your customers, show them the human side of your brand. This is done by creating brand values and looking out for the best interest of your customers as well as employees.

A good example of making a human connection is to introduce your followers to your employees. Walk them through your workday. Tell them how you are working so hard to serve your audience.

5: Reputation Management

Negative comments are damaging to your online reputation. Social media surely has made it easier to engage with customers and build a connection. It is also an open channel for customers to unleash their rage.

There are good chances a customer shares a negative experience. When that happens, immediately respond to the customer’s comment. Offer them a solution and show that you regret the inconvenience they had to face. Offer them something in return as a reconciliation.

In business, it’s pertinent to maintain the image. Negative comments can destroy the image no doubt but social media has allowed businesses to fix customer’s experience too. It is also a great way of maintaining your reputation.

6: Drive More Traffic

Nobody can deny that social media drives traffic to your website tremendously. By sharing content, you can build brand reputation, educate your customers about your work, and engage with them, and more. And once they like you, most definitely will they visit your website.

7: Partner with Influencers

Word of the mouth goes a long way in driving sales. When an influencer is talking about your product or service on social media, this largely builds credibility and sets you up for more sales. Instagram is at the forefront of tapping into influencer marketing. The influencer’s fan following could become your target audience.

8: Customer Service and Customer Support

Today’s customer expects brands to be available on social media. They don’t want to take the pain of creating a ticket and then wait for days to get a response to their query. They would prefer a response immediately.

Make sure you reply to Tweets, Instagram DMs, and Facebook messages whenever a customer uses social media to seek an answer. Small businesses that don’t have a website offer support services via social media and they are doing great when it comes to managing customer queries and concerns.


Social no doubt have tons of advantages for startups and established brands. For instance, if you Tweet and tag Cox to inquire about a service outage instead of reaching out to their Cox Internet, you would still get a reply. That’s one example of how brands are leveraging social media. Figure out how you can leverage it too with digital personal assistant to survive in this digital landscape.