7 incredible Places in Pohnpei?

7 incredible Places in Pohnpei?

If you have no acquaintance with the city of Pohnpei then wait a while to read this article. This city is a tropical Micronesian paradise located far from the trodden tourist trail. This city is one of the rainiest and most remote places on Earth. Being a jungle-clad speck of green, Pohnpei offers a diverse array of things to see and do.

This famous city has destinations both above and below sea level, including ancient ruins, pristine mangrove forests, gushing waterfalls, famous remote atolls, and the charming Micronesian island is a wonderland of undiscovered gems.

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So, folks get ready to have an adrenaline-rush experience in the city full of adventures. Read the below list of things and places to visit during your trip.

Snorkel or dive manta road

Pohnpei offers a great way to enjoy several exciting activities that include Snorkel or dive. Visit the Pohnpei Surf Club to book a snorkeling tour.

Hike to sokehs ridge

If you love trekking then this spot is perfect for you. Trekking to Sokehs Ridge is one of the most thrilling and the most popular hikes in Micronesia. Watch out for the three-mile round trip hike that leads to Sokehs Rock.

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Kayak in the mangrove forests

Drop into the mangrove forests as the city of Pohnpei is almost surrounded by mangroves. Visit the Mangrove Bay Hotel which was the home base during the six days we spent in Micronesia is located in the lovely cove, with stunning views of Sokehs Island. You will find a thin mangrove-flanked channel that separates Sokehs Island from Pohnpei’s mainland. Go for Kayaking through the passageway that offers a serene escape into the heart of the island’s mangrove forests. If you are kayaking safeguard it with kayak outdoor storage rack.

Take a day trip to an atoll

Ant Atoll is one of the thrilling sites to spend the penultimate day in Micronesia, Mariella. Visit this site that is soaked on the beautiful white-sand beaches of And Atoll. Explore the stunning coral island which is a popular day trip from mainland Pohnpei. Watch out for the protected reef surrounding the atoll and go for some of the water sports activities provided here that include snorkeling and diving in the Pacific.

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The mysterious nan madol ruins

Mysterious Nan Madol is the most thrilling sight in Pohnpei that ruins and is added in the UNESCO-recognized marvels. This beautiful site has been swallowed by the island’s surrounding vegetation. The ruins are a top tourist attraction in the city which is worth visiting.

The kapiroh waterfall

The Kapiroh Waterfall is located from Nan Madol down the road that offers an easy side trip when visiting the ruins. Visit this pretty place where a waterfall cascades from the lush rainforest into cool pools of fresh water. Watch the force of nature in the site which is one of the island’s main iconic landmarks.

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