5 out of 7 qualities match and you have the perfect best friend!

5 out of 7 qualities match and you have the perfect best friend!

The 3 most important types of people in our life are Family, Teachers, and Friends. While the former two are upto our destiny, the later one is upto us. But sometimes when you feel like you have a soul-buddy, it feels like you’re blessed and fortunate. Good friends make you happy but your best friend is someone without whom you can’t enjoy the happiness. You’re blessed if you have the perfect best friend. 

  1. She/he loves you the way you are:

Nobody likes to change. If someone else wants you to do things that you don’t like then it is not done! Isn’t it? A true best friend never wants you to change. They love you for who you are, just the way you are. 

  1. She/he can spend a lot of time with you :

Out of sight, out of mind! If they say they miss you but too busy to meet, well, they might be true. But the best friend can’t wait to see you for a long. The distance can be a challenge though. People keep the strongest of the friendship even when they are miles apart. Chatting, talking over the phone, and tagging on memes are the ways they try to reach you all the time. These days, video call has become the most feasible and effective way to contact our dear ones.

  1. They are very good listeners:

Moms might get emotional, papa might get angry, husband or boyfriend might be busy but your best friend is the one who listens to you in the first place with patience. They are attentive. They don’t argue in the first place. They don’t even scream or shout if you have done something wrong or even when you’re confused with your silly problems. They listen to you carefully with patience and suggest only the best. 

  1. They make sure you get the best of everything in life:

Be it shopping or choosing a life partner, your best friend can never let you pick anything just like that or compromise with your choices. They become very strict and choosy when it is about you. They can stand for hours outside the trial room just to ensure you come out with the best outfit. They can strictly pull you back if you happen to choose the wrong person to date. That is how they become a guide in every aspect of life.

  1. They are never jealous of you:

All they wish is your success. The word “Jealous” is out of their dictionary of friendship. They help you reach the heights you can ever imagine. Be it group study, official meetings, or even cheating in exams, your best friend would let you answer first, then he/she will raise the hands. 

  1. They don’t get judgemental:

When you talk to your best buddy, it’s like you are talking to a mirror. You can tell them anything and everything without thinking twice. They give you suggestions and advice but never judge. They will first listen and let you understand the consequences of a decision you make. And for every decision you make in your life, they will support you to the fullest. 

      7.Make each other feel special on important days 

Celebrations without bestfriend is never complete. If your best friend is not living in your town on a very important occasion, he or she will still not skip to wish on the day with an extra move. If you are someone’s bestie and have some significant celebration in near future, then you can browse the website of MyFlowerApp.Com and send your friend striking birthday and friendship day gifts, flowers, chocolates and cakes.