5 Essentials Social Media Strategies Every Startup Needs

5 Essentials Social Media Strategies Every Startup Needs

It is quite a huge achievement to be able to launch your own startup in this already huge global market. However, dreaming big is different from having an action plan to conquer these dreams. Being a part of the fast-paced business world requires solid branding and social media marketing strategies to make the company the crème de la crème of your industry. In order to do so, it’s essential to up your digital marketing game by hiring the best social media marketing agency available.

Here are a few steps that social media marketing companies will help establish your business with:

  • Goal Setting – As a startup, remember to set yourselves some realistic and attainable goals, rather than unattainable ones. This will make room for steady growth in your understanding of social media and how it works without being too overwhelming.

Choosing to set up social media marketing strategies that follow the SMART acronym helps set valid goals. All your social media content should be driven by these SMART goals – being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Some goals, for example, are –

  1. Increasing your brand awareness
  2. Generating new leads
  3. Driving up website traffic
  4. Increasing Sales
  • Choose the best social media channels for yourself – Based on your industry and company’s target audience, and your customer demographic, you can easily narrow down the social media platforms and channels that are best suited to your digital marketing strategy. You could choose between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media platforms that serves you the right purpose. After this, you can choose and set up your social media profiles on these channels. Creating buyer personas can also help facilitate proper customer targeting, ensuring that the level of lead generation surmounts the previous social media marketing strategies each time. Putting thought into profile creation helps with the right branding needed for your company.

There are several things to consider while creating profiles on various social media platforms such as the profile picture, bio, header images, company info, description, company phone number, physical address, website URL, watch time, video length, subscribers, interaction and so on.

  • Snoop on your competitor – After creating profiles on various social media platforms, the next order of business is to do a broad search of your competitors on social media platforms. Browsing through their profiles, pick up the elements you like for your profile and create similar but entirely different styles that work well with your branding. Also, in order to better assess your own profiles against your competitor’s, feel free to use a third-party tool that can gather essential data that can make social media audits, and help you grow from the data collected.
  • Begin scheduling posts – Using a social media management tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite, and you can stay organized like a startup and save plenty of time by scheduling all your future social media posts. This ensures that all your posts are up and ready before you post them. It also drives up the consistency of your posts on these platforms and gets more followers. Another thing to note is – that one should avoid posting the same content across all different platforms. Treating each platform as a different entity instead of one can help create a variety of different content, specifically keeping in mind the platform. Yes, pay special attention to all the content going up on the platforms. Create engaging variety content for all the different platforms, keeping in mind buyer persona and target audience.
  • Measure results – Creating social media profile, well-curated content, scheduling posts, promoting them, would all go to waste if you fail to track and measure the results these social media sites drive. All major social media platforms have tools such as analytics to measure the profiles rankings, followers, likes, reach, engagements, clicks and so on, in order to help you optimize your social media platforms for future strategies.

It can be quite daunting to manage all these tasks for your social media platform in-house if you are a startup. Instead, hiring social media marketing services can help you to create successful social media marketing action plans.